Sunday Stash Report, November 29, 2015

I added to my stash this week.  Each one has a home waiting for it!  The first one is fabric from Chapter 12 BOM for Kanton Kull (A Prairie Gathering) that has yet to be started.  January I'll be sewing Chapter 1; hoping that Kerry can keep up.
These two are for Katchaklaus (Believe) on the bottom and Kontentment (Allietare Mystery) on the top.  I needed a bit more for the back of Katchaklaus and the gray is the constant gray that I just couldn't come up with in my stash.  I'll be using the gray for Clue 1 today along with the neutral to make 294 2" HSTs.
This last piece is the red I picked up for Krystals (Snowy Day).  I have already used it as you can see in the photo below for the border.
33" x 40"
62" x 62"
Yes, there are several yards of adds, but already there is a usage!  Have fun this week.  Down with the Fall decorations and up with Christmas...  See how others use their stash through the links at Patchwork Times.

Used this week:  15.25 yards
Used YTD:  242.5 yards
Purchased this week:  11.25 yards
Purchased YTD:  184.5
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  58 yards

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I have the piecing all done now.  Time for putting the rows together, but that won't be likely be until Friday.  I have lots of cooking to do tomorrow and family coming by to share Thanksgiving Day.  Krystals will be a nice addition to my Christmas decorations.  My version is significantly smaller than the pattern.  My blocks finished at 5 1/2" square where the pattern called for 12 1/2".  I will be picking up a solid red fabric for an outer border and considering the stripe as a diagonal binding.

Bonnie Hunter's Allietare Mystery Clue 1 is released Friday.  I need to pick up 1 1/2 yards of the constant fabric, a gray.  The largest piece in my stash is 1 yard.

Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Design Wall Monday, November 23, 2015

Katchaklaus is done.  I'm so excited about how this project turned out.  Maybe I'll just have to use it as decoration as a flimsy...
I have started to pull fabrics for Bonnie Hunter's Allietare Mystery.  Have you?  Several of the leftovers from Katchaklaus will be used along with a bunch more I still need to hunt for in my stash.  I may have to raid Kerry's stash of reds; she has lots of them.  I'll likely assist her with grays.  As I remember she's a bit light on them.
I have a good assortment of both blacks and grays.  Hope to use some of my cut strips, but until I know the sizes of the pieces no sense to look.  I have already decided on a name for my project.  Kontentment sounds right considering the meaning of Allietare.  What do you think?
So during the mystery I'll be working on Snow Day.  It won't be quite as large as the original since I don't have that many pinwheels and they are a bit smaller than the intended units.  I'm pleased with this outcome though.  This project still needs a name...

Part of this week goes to cooking.  DH's family will join us on Thursday.  We brought home the turkey on Saturday along with potatoes, fresh vegetables, and stuffing mixes.  I have to make a list yet of other items to have on hand for our feast.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.

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