Sunday Stash Report, February 1, 2015

On the last day of January I worked on Kurry.  I have quite an assortment of the yellow background blocks.  Right now I think I will need 19 sets (2 per set) of the yellow.  The top right starts the transition into the pink side of the quilt.  I am very anxious to lay this out on my design wall, but want to have a few more sets of the yellow made up first.

This week I am happy to say that I have a use and no adds.  YIPPEE!  My Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt project by Tiffany Hayes is done.  I am still trying to decide on a name, but I'm leaning towards an Abbey called Kingswood.  Google helped me uncover this name.  It kind of fits the manly theme of the fabrics.  The top fabrics was purchased at the workshop.  I will be able to use the leftovers which there is very little of along with some from my stash for the back.

Here are my stats for this week.  Hope your day was perfect.  Patchwork Times will connect you to other quilters using up their stash.

Used this week: 10 yards
Used YTD: 42.75 yards
Purchased this week:  0 yards
Purchased YTD: 24 yards
Net Fabric Used in 2015:  18.75 yards

Anxious to learn what project I'll be working on this month.  Aunt Marti will be announcing that number to work on and there is a Parade of UFO Finishes to be seen today on her site.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I had a good sewing day on Friday as you can see.  I finished the last episode, Episode 5 and the Finale.  Below is the final project.  What do you think?  The shapes and pieces are a bit larger than I've been doing lately, but the design is nice.  I do like the introduction to the Goddess Tool.  It is nice to have several different rulers all combined into one.  There are some limitations on sizes that will have you going back to the single rulers.  For instances the tall triangle in Episode 5 only allows for a 4 1/2" size.  Suppose if that is a common size for you it's a good thing.  I do work with the tall triangle although not usually this large a unit.  
I haven't given much though to the name for this mystery project.  Needs to be a mysterious name.  Are there any castles or mansions that have a mysterious background that would work?  Keep in mind the first letter has to be a "K" or can be changed to sound like one.  Okay are good at this.   
These are photos Kerry took of the three sample projects that Tiffany Hayes used for the design reveal.  What a difference the fabric makes.

I'm working on Kurry today.  The last day of January already.  My goodness how fast 2015 is moving ahead.  Tomorrow is the UFO Parade and the announcement of what project I'll be working on in February.  Maybe I can get in a few more Kurry units.  Hope your Saturday is a good one.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Today I'm working on my Downton Abbey Mystery from the workshop at Road to California Quilt Show from last week.  Tiffany Hayes set each part of the mystery as an Episode.  Episode 1 is above.  I had this one done in in the workshop. 
Episode 2 was also done at the workshop.  Not sure what I was thinking but I made way too many four patches.  I guess during all the fun I got carried away!  Some how I must have gotten the episode mixed up with Episode 3 because you'll see in it is where lots of four patches were to be made.
Here is Episode 3 again done during the workshop.  Hard to tell from this photo but the 20 units on the far right are the four patches that were supposed to be made for the project.  Guess I'll just use the oops from Episode 2 in the back somehow.  I only need 4 from Episode 2 not 20... 
I ended Thursday night with Episode 4 finished.  This is the first of the episodes where the units start coming together.  I'll be back tomorrow with Episode 5 and the Finale!

TGIF...I'm home today!!!